Bachelor of Library Science (B.Lib)

Duration: One Year

Eligibility: Graduate (In any Discipline)

Medium: Hindi & English

With technology becoming more and more sophisticated, things like on line information, micro-films, CD-Rom, etc., have hit the market place. This has made library reference very simple. A career as a Librarian is very challenging one. It entails a basic knowledge of all subjects and also a good working knowledge of all topics under the sun. He should have a methodical approach and a good organizing ability. The person should also have knack for information and technology.


The common basic purpose of work in any library is to ensure that relevant information is available and used effectively. A librarian has to ensure that a person gets information in the minimum time with the least effort. Apart from day to day activities, there are several areas, where librarians/information scientists are required for specialized jobs. Experienced librarians can do work in areas such as administration; bibliography; abstraction; translation; technical writing-including consolidation and repacking of information; computation and evaluation of data, compiling photographs etc.

Job Opportunities

Every college, university, government of media institution has a library. In the university library a person usually starts as semi-professional assistant and moves on to become a professional assistant first, assistant librarian next, deputy librarian thereafter, before he becomes a university librarian.

One can apply at national librararies and archives, academic libraries, public libraries, science and technology libraries, media institutions, social science libraries, special libraries, government libraries and embassy libraries.

Other opportunities exist at the information systems. Some of them are Indian National Scientific Documentation Centre (INSDOC), Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI), Defense Science information center, New Delhi, and National Social Science Documentation Center (NASSDOC), New Delhi, Opening in ministries, attached and subordinate offices of the government and All India Radio Station / offices.

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